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Join us October 17th, from 2:00pm to 5:00pm for a Theta Portal event.  Experience the combination of three powerful healing modalities... rebirthing breath work, cosmic sound healing, and guided hypnotic meditation.


What to Expect and Bring:

Please plan to arrive by 1:30pm to give yourself plenty of time to get settled, as we plan to begin at 2pm. This event will take place OUTDOORS with ample space to spread out and physically distance yourself. There may be shade available, but you may want to bring an umbrella to help shade your head just in case. We will have hand sanitizers and hand washing available. Bring your yoga mat or small sleeping pad to lay down on, and blankets... things to get cozy with as you lie back and let the healing sounds wash over your body and into your heart.


Address and directions will be sent upon completion of registration. 



Theta Portal - Oct 17th, 2020 ($50 Sliding Scale)

  • While we do need your address information from the shipping details form, please ignore any references to your product shipping and delivery methods. We are using a new system and working out some of the kinks.

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