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About Spirit Wind Ridge

We believe that

As women, we harness undeniable energy and power.


Using our ability to empower each other, we can elevate the harmony of our world by renewing joy within ourselves and those around us. By providing more opportunities and knowledge to help each other find our true authentic selves, we can plant the seeds for inner peace in a world surrounded by chaos and indifference. Now is a time of awakening and we are here to work together to facilitate this inner magic amongst ourselves and others.

Our dream for over 20 years has been to provide a place of retreat for women to unwind from the chaos of busy lives, open their hearts and reconnect with their souls. Spirit Wind Ridge is a magical 20 acre farm nestled on a beautiful ridge in Saint Helens, Oregon, where you can do just that.


In addition to holding women's retreats, we practice sound healing using Tibetan sound bowls, gongs and other sound instruments and techniques. Spirit Wind Ridge is also home to Laurie's husband, Jeff White, where you can visit his art studio and attend artist workshops and artist retreats. 

If you are interested in hosting a retreat at Spirit Wind Ridge, or attending a retreat, please contact us for more information. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to get updates too!



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Meet Laurie and Patti

Laurie White and Patti Downing are the co-founders of Spirit Wind Ridge. As working mothers, they recognized early on that there was an ongoing need to find a healthy balance between their families and their careers. They often times found that keeping up with the day to day demands of life made it difficult to take care of themselves. Throughout their 20+ years of friendship, they created their own personal retreats to rebuild their inner strength so they could return to their life and function with more balance. They dreamed for years of creating a business that would offer respite to others in similar situations - a place where women could go to decompress, ground themselves and open up to their spirit. Now, through Spirit Wind Ridge, they work to support other women looking for that same balance. 

Laurie has a background in marketing and business, while Patti's background includes business, operations and special education. Both have spent decades learning and working in various healing modalities and now specialize in sound healing practices. 

Our Spirit Wind Ridge Helpers

We have many, many generous helpers who are making our dream come true at Spirit Wind Ridge. Please follow us on social media to meet them and keep up. BUT, these four helpers are the ones who keep us going day in and day out. Meet Jeff, Ken, Sadie and Roxie - the loves of our life!

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