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Join us January 26th, from 12:00pm to 4:00pm

for Cannabis Meditations & Sound Journey. 



  • You MUST be 21 years or older to participate in this event.
  • We recommend you register soon as we are limiting this to a small group and expect it to sell out quickly.
  • This event will take place at Patti's residence in Gresham.


Cannabis has been used longer than we can trace as a medicinal and shamanic plant and ally. This cannabis journey will allow you to explore the plant’s abilities to deepen and enhance mindfulness practices. This event will also integrate a sound healing session to balance the body at the cellular level, creating a full mind and body experience.


We will use this ceremony to investigate our inner landscape and to plant and germinate a particular intention. Practices will include:

  • silent awareness meditation
  • tea meditation
  • guided meditation
  • voice expression
  • walking or movement meditation 


The sound portions will include Tibetan bowls and gongs, stringed instruments, chimes, drums, amplified music, toning and other components


What to Expect and Bring:

Please plan to arrive by 11:30 to give yourself plenty of time to get settled, as we plan to begin at 12pm. NOTE: No admittance after 12:15 as the event will have started.


Please bring a comfortable floor cushion to sit on, a journal, an intention, and a water bottle. If you cannot sit on the floor, contact us about other accommodations.


Also if possible, please bring a prepared dish or snack to share at the end. We will also provide some snacks, tea and coffee.


Preparing for the Event:

To get the most out of your experience and to really experience the spiritual aspects of cannabis, we recommend that you abstain from using it for 5 or more days prior to the event. The longer you abstain in preparation, the more potent the properties are likely to be for you. If that’s not possible for you, do the best you can. Please use this event as a restorative gift to yourself. If you intentionally prepare, you are likely to receive more from it.


Make sure to get plenty of rest prior and eat your earlier meal well before the event so that you are not arriving on a full stomach. We suggest eating very clean and healthy for the week leading up to gathering and try to give yourself plenty of time after the event to integrate. 


This event will take place at Patti's residence in Gresham, OR.




Cannabis Meditations & Sound Journey

  • For this journey we will use vaping/smoking as opposed to edibles due to the shorter nature of the event. The event organizers by Oregon law cannot provide the cannabis in this context, otherwise we would. Please bring any (preferably organic) strain that you particularly wish to experience. If you are able to bring some extra to share, even better. We will have some vaporizers and glass on hand, also feel free to bring your own.

    Excellent mindfulness strains include Hindu Kush & Master Kush (Indica), Blue Dream (Hybrid), Laughing Buddha or Lamb’s Bread (Sativa).


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