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Yoga + Breathwork + Sound Healing

Saturday, March 21st

12pm to 3pm


Please join us at Spirit Wind Ridge for an afternoon event of yoga, breathwork and sound healing

Gentle Yoga Asanas


The physical practice of yoga (asana) was intended to prepare the body for deep relaxation. Yoga instructor Bhagavati will guide you through a series of seated asanas to gently prepare your body to comfortably enter a place of stillness so that you can spread your wings and fly away with your breath. (No prior yoga experience necessary)

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We will start the breathwork during the last few yoga poses and then continue the breathwork lying down for approximately 1-1/2 hours. Aaron Overstreet guides the group through Rebirthing-Breathwork - a simple yet powerful method for creating deep lasting relaxation and healing. This process is known to help release stress, negative emotions and traumatic memories. Aaron's 30+ years of experience and impeccable intuitive guidance in breathwork allows participants to feel safe, go deep within themselves, and to navigate the free expression and/or release of anything that might come to the surface during the process.

Sound Healing


During the yoga and beginning of the breathwork we will also be supported by the healing sounds of tibetan bowls played by Spirit Wind Ridge's own sound healers Laurie White and Patti Downing.

This ancient form of meditation, relaxation and self-healing has been practiced since the 6th Century BC, and has proven to bring balance to all aspects of life. The vibration and the tones of these powerful bowls are akin to a deep cellular massage that assists in reviving overall well-being. Sound healing frequencies relax the body, calm the mind, and activates the body’s natural healing systems. Stress and anxiety melt away. Higher state of consciousness flow in. This allows healing, deep peace and well-being to occur on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

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About the Team




Bhagavati has been studying yoga (in this lifetime) since 1997 and has been teaching in various capacities around the globe since 2000. Bhagavati completed the teacher training provided by the Living Yoga program in 2007 and then upon returning from her pilgrimage to India in 2010 completed 200 hours of registered yoga training at the Lotus Seed. After the birth of her daughter, Bhagavati trained with Next Generation Yoga to become certified in teaching yoga to kids. At the Transformation Center within the Oregon Health Authority, Bhagavati offers weekly free yoga classes to her fellow state employees. As a bhakta, Bhagavati weaves her devotion into her daily rhythm – on and off the mat. 
Bhagavati is passionate about human potential and is in service to the Divine Mother.

Aaron Overstreet


Aaron Overstreet has been assisting people in self empowerment and spiritual healing for three decades. He believes that we can attain ownership and mastery over our lives and experiences while working in conjunction with our higher selves. He offers individual breathwork sessions as well as group events. 

Aaron studied directly with Rebirthing-Breathwork founder Leonard Orr and has led trainings and workshops in the U.S. and India. He has also co-facilitated the annual Breathwork training, "Return To The Sacred" in Sierraville, CA since 2003. Aaron is certified by Rebirthing Breathwork International. For more info, visit:


Laurie White & Patti Downing


In addition to hosting retreats and events at Spirit Wind Ridge, Laurie and Patti are trained sound healing practitioners and have both spent decades learning and working in various healing modalities. They practice sound healing using Tibetan Singing bowls, gongs and other sound instruments and techniques. They offer individual sound sessions and group sessions.

About Spirit Wind Ridge


Spirit Wind Ridge is a magical 20 acre farm nestled on a beautiful ridge in Saint Helens, Oregon, just 45 minutes from downtown Portland. Surrounded by tall fir trees and beautiful forests, one immediately feels at peace with the fresh clean air and absence of chaos from the city.

Spirit Wind Ridge was founded by Laurie White and Patti Downing after dreaming for years of creating a business that would offer respite to others - a place of retreat for people to unwind from the chaos of busy lives, open their hearts and reconnect with their souls.

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